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Box Office

Box Office

Weekend Box Office: Jan 11 - Jan 13, 2019

Well it finally happened, after 16 weeks in a row we got one wrong lol! We predicted 'Aquaman' would repeat as the #1 movie at the box office for a 4th weekend in a row, it did not. Outperforming expectations, new release 'The Upside' starring Bryan Cranston & Kevin Hart was the #1 movie over the weekend with $20.3M! 'Aquaman' dropped to 2nd place with $17.3M. One part of our prediction last week did come true, we said 'Aquaman' would cross $1B worldwide and it did. It's now the first in the DC Extended Universe to top $1B at the global box office & even surpassing 'The Dark Knight'. In 3rd place with $11.2M was another new release, 'A Dog's Way Home' the story of a dog that travels 400 miles in search of her owner. In 4th place was Golden Globe winner for Best Animated Feature Film 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' with $9M & now with a 5 week domestic gross over over $147M. To round out the top spots in 5th place was 'Escape Room' with $8.9M. A huge drop for the film coming in 2nd place last week, however, with a budget of only $9M it's now grossed $32.4M domestically in just 2 weeks. So still a good showing at the box office overall considering the film budget.

There is only one new movie in wide release this coming weekend! The highly anticipated M. Night Shyamalan universe crossover film 'Glass'! Can't wait for this one. Just the idea of combining the story & characters from 'Unbreakable' (2000) & 'Split' (2016) is insanely cool! We can safely predict 'Glass' will be the new #1 movie at the box office this weekend!

Tune in every Week as we recap the Weekend! For full box office results please use our source for all this info Box Office Mojo!
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