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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

OJ C. of Sudbury, Ontario!

Congratulations to OJ, from Sudbury, Ontario for being the K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week! 

"My name is OJ. I have always been a fan of comic books. About 6 years ago I received my first Funko figure (Deadpool unmasked from Loot Crate). The first Funko POP I chose to buy was Agent Coulson and it just snowballed from there. My collection is currently at 440 Funko Pops, with more on the way! 


I first noticed K-Dog & Fish a year ago and was very impressed with not only their store, but also regular Podcasts and YouTube shows. My first purchase from K-Dog & Fish was the NYCC Exclusive Bluntman & Chronic 2-Pack.

Since then, K-Dog & Fish has been able to help me complete my collection." 

You can view OJ's collection on Instagram by visiting @ojspops


Thank you OJ! We're thrilled you discovered us and been following our Podcast & YouTube shows! That Bluntman and Chronic 2-Pack is super cool and we're always happy to help you finish your collection!

For those who tune into our 4 O'Clock Fridays on Instagram Live (every Friday at 4:00 PM), be sure to say hi to OJ - his handle is @ojcostello.  


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