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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

Hannah C. and Cole M. of Barrie, Ontario!

Congratulations to Hannah C. and Cole M. of Barrie Ontario for being the K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatics of the Week! 

From Hannah: “My name is Hannah and I started collecting about 4 months ago. I always told myself that I would not get into Pops because all of my friends had them and to me it wasn’t interesting. But all that changed 5 months ago when I got my first Pop Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. It happened out of nowhere and to be honest, I barely remember how I came to now own 202 Funko Pops. One day while on YouTube I saw a Top Pops video about a K-Dog & Fish Mystery Box and thought it was so cool that I just had to check them out. I called them that day and talked to Fish about coming up. The first Pop I got from K-Dog & Fish was the 10” The Child from the Mandalorian and if you haven’t yet seen the store it’s an absolute must!!”


From Cole: “My name is Cole and I’ve been collecting Pops for a few years. I recently restarted collecting and I primarily like to collect Spider-Man Pops. I have some DC Pops as well. I heard about K-Dog & Fish from Hannah and we love coming to the shop! It’s always so much fun!”


Thank you Hannah & Cole! We love having you guys visit the store and it's always a blast to chat Pops and all things pop culture. We are also huge fans of the Mandalorian series and that 10" The Child is so cool! It's practically life-size!

We should also mention that Hannah and Cole have been avid participants in our Virtual Garage Sales on Instagram Live. Thank you for your continued support guys!! 

And another shout out to our good friend Tristan (TopPops on YouTube) for helping you guys find us! 


Want to be featured as the Funko Funatic of the Week here on the K-Dog & Fish website? Send us some photos of your collection, a haul you've received from K-Dog & Fish, how you got into collecting and how you discovered us! 

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