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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

Wyman O. from Kamloops, BC!

Congratulations to Wyman O. from Kamloops, BC for being the latest K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week! Here is Wyman featured with some of his favourite Pops! 

Here is Wyman's Funko Story: 

So, I started collecting Funko in the spring of 2018. I needed a “hobby” so I told my wife about Funko after watching the Funko documentary on Netflix. And she didn’t object to the idea.  Little did she know what I was getting myself into.

My first pop! was Lara Croft. We were in Chapters here in Kamloops, and they had a small display of Funko. Very limited selection. But as a fan of Tomb Raider going back to the PS1, I had to have her. And that is where this journey begun.

My main Funko focus is the Star Wars and Marvel franchise. I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since Empire and actually saw Return of the Jedi in theatres on its initial release. And with the MCU taking off and being amazing, I just had to jump in with both feet. My favourite of the Marvel line is the venomized pops.

I can’t remember when I heard about K-Dog and Fish, but it was through another local collector. He had ordered an extra mystery box, the packaging was immaculate. My own first purchase was actually for my youngest son. I had ordered the Knights of Ren set for him for Christmas.   

Recently I got some wicked pops from the Father’s Day flash sale, and then two mystery boxes that came with my first ever sodas. K-Dog and Fish know how to keep the customers happy.

I enjoy this hobby very much. I’m not at all about the value each pop has. It’s all about finding that next pop that I just have to have.  And I’ve been an out of box collector pretty much since the get go.  I find the detail on these to be stunning, and to keep them in box does the designers a disservice. They deserve to be seen!!!

In 4 years I have accumulated just over 300 pops! In fact my most recent order from K-Dog and Fish put me over. With Frost Giant Loki as pop 300. Now to choose a favourite from that many could be an impossible task. Not for me. Yes my love of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, you’d think it be one of those.  Nope. I’d have to choose the GITD Neo from the Matrix. I also collect pops beyond those two main ones. And when I saw NEO, I had to have him. I actually obtained him from K-Dog and Fish. So thrilled to have that one in the collection.

Also, I have heard the term “grails” but not quite understand what those are. For me they are “unobtainium”. And since I was way late to the party, one of my “grails” would be FN-2187.  I don’t think I’ll ever find him. So to me he is “unobtainium”.

Lastly…..I have recently discovered that taking pictures of my pops is super fun.  I’m definitely putting the “FUN” into collecting Funko!  When it stops being fun, then I’ll stop……I don’t see that happening anytime soon!  Cheers!

Thank you so much Wyman for sharing your story with us! Your collection is awesome! Love the huge variety of Star Wars Pops, Marvel figures and Movie Pops, especially love that Glow in the Dark Neo Exclusive from the Matrix! We are so glad you found out about our Online Shop, IG Live Shows and YouTube Channel! We appreciate you very much and want to say thanks again for being a part of our Funko community!

For more fun content from Wyman, check out his instagram: @capt.wemo


Would YOU like to be featured as a future K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic? Send us an e-mail with photos of you with your collection and tell us your story! And be sure not to miss the best time of the week, our 4 O'Clock Friday Show on INSTAGRAM LIVE every Friday at 4:00 PM EST with Giveaways!


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1 thoughts onWyman O. from Kamloops, BC!

  1. avatar Ken says:

    nice collection derek! you’ll get that FN-2187 one day!!

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