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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

Easton N. of Brampton, Ontario!

Congratulations to Easton, from Brampton, Ontario (originally from NYC) for being the K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week! 

"My name is Easton, born and raised in NYC but moved to Ontario in 2015. It all started when my son passed away. I was looking for a gift for my wife to remember him, but also to feel better myself at the same time and grab some toys to get my mind off of things. I found myself on the Pop in a Box website, and seen they ironically had a 2-pack of Biggie Pops.

The obsession began when I literally bought 18 Power Rangers pops from some guy on Kijiji and I found out they're collectible, come in different sizes, and are worth insane amounts! I'm currently at 140 Funkos Pops; searching, and adding more every other day.

Funny story on finding K-Dog & Fish... I believe I was on Google Maps searching for pop culture stores and they came up on the list... once I started following on Instagram I loved the business more and more!" 

Well Easton, we're glad you found us and we're thrilled to see the pulls you made in your first-ever Mystery Box! That Stranger Things Suzie Fall Convention Exclusive is pretty sweet. And we're also huge Power Rangers fans, so it's great to hear that you added a bunch to your collection like that. Thanks for your ongoing support and for submitting your story! Congratulations on being this week's Funko Fanatic of the Week! 

For those who tune in to our 4 O'Clock Fridays on Instagram LIVE each week, say hi to Easton if you see him in the chat. His IG handle is: frugal_funkoo. 

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