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The Most 'Pop'ular Funko In The Galaxy!

   What a week for Star Wars fans. Things kicked off on Star Wars Day on Monday, ‘May the Fourth’ with the release of Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker on Disney+. Fans were then treated to the series-finale of the animated Star Wars show… The Clone Wars. Walt Disney announced that Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi has signed on to Direct a new Star Wars film. And when we received our first shipment of Funko’s The Child Pop, we thought things could not possibly get any sweeter. That is when Funko made the announcement that there is a SECOND WAVE of The Child Pops coming! You heard that right. Sit tight, we are going to break down the news and highlight all things The Child that we have to look forward to this year!

In-Stock & Ready to Ship: The Child 

   We start things off with the arrival of the first The Child Pop. Appearing in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, this ‘baby Yoda’ character, referred to as The Child, is still shrouded in a great deal of mystery. And while we won’t spoil the first season, in case you have yet to check it out, it goes without saying that he stole the hearts of viewers from the moment he debuted on screen. This Pop has gone on to be one of the hottest selling Pops in Funko history. We still have some in stock, you can order yours here.  

Available for Pre-Order on K-Dog & Fish Website: The Child (with Frog)

   The first The Child Pop from the SECOND WAVE. Fans of the Mandalorian will quickly recognize this moment from the fourth episode when The Child tried to chomp down on some local wildlife for a snack. The children he was playing with did not seem to approve of his snack choice however… you can watch the scene play out here. This Pop is available for Pre-Order on the K-Dog & Fish Website, you can Pre-Order it here.

Available for Pre-Order on the K-Dog & Fish Website: The Child (with Cup)

   The next The Child Pop coming in the SECOND WAVE is quite possibly one of our favourite ‘baby Yoda’ moments from the entire series. Without giving away any spoilers, this moment also came from Episode four of The Mandalorian and has our beloved baby Yoda sipping bone broth as he observes Mando in a scuffle. You can see the famous moment play out here. Listen carefully just before he appears on screen and you can hear him sipping from the cup. Amazing. This Pop is available for Pre-Order on the K-Dog & Fish Website, you can Pre-Order it here.

COMING SOON as a Pre-Order on the K-Dog & Fish Website: Mandalorian with The Child

   While not quite available just yet, we will have this available soon for Pre-Order on our website: The Mandalorian with The Child TV Moment. Finally, we see our closest to-scale pairing of Mando with his green little buddy, ‘baby Yoda’. This is probably one of the coolest TV moments – maybe the coolest Pops – ever. What else can you say other than don’t miss out. We think this will be the hottest pop in 2020.  

Walmart & Target Getting Exclusive The Child Pops

   Walmart and Target will each be getting an Exclusive The Child Pop. Walmart will showcase one of the moments that The Child dials into the force, while Target will be getting what looks to be a concerned or sad baby Yoda moment. We will do our best to track these guys down for the shop as well – stay tuned for more on that. 

   While that catches you up on all things The Child from Funko (for the moment), they also announced a Moff Gideon wielding the Darksaber Funko Pop. We do not want to dive into this one – or even show off the image of it yet – just in case you have yet to watch the first season of The Mandalorian. Trust us, it looks soooo cool! We are pumped to get our hands on it for sure.

   If you are craving more Star Wars and more Mandalorian, Disney+ is preparing to release an 8-part Docu-Series that takes you behind the scenes of filming from Season 1 of the Mandalorian and will likely offer some teases ahead of the release of Season 2. You can watch a trailer for the Docu-series here.

Quick-fire Recap: You can ORDER The ChildPre-Order The Child (with Frog) and/or Pre-Order The Child (with Cup) right now; have a TV moment, two exclusives and a Moff Gideon Pop to look forward to; an 8-Part Docu-Series coming soon; and of course… Season 2 of The Mandalorian coming this Fall. Like we said… what a time to be a Star Wars fan, right? Phew!

Stay funky, San Diego – and may the force be with you!  

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