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Might As Well Go For A Soda… Can!

Have you caught the Soda Can craze yet? Funko Soda Cans combine everything we’ve come to love about Funko – exceptionally cool-looking figures of all our favourite characters & properties – with blind grabs and that oh-so-sweet sugar rush feeling of scoring a HOT CHASE!

   Before we go any further… if you’re still confused, check out this week’s Episode #25 of the K-Dog & Fish YouTube Show “Funko Soda Can Chase Hunt” for a great introduction of how the Soda Cans work – and to see if K-Dog or Fish can pull a Chase!

(K-Dog & Fish YouTube Show Episode #25: Funko Soda Can Chase Hunt) 

We would also like to give a special shout out to our friend Top Pops, an avid Funko Funatic with a YouTube channel boasting over 200,000 subscribers, for ordering four Funko Soda Cans from the K-Dog & Fish website and doing an un-boxing on his channel. You’ll have to watch the video “Funko Soda Chase Roulette” yourself to see if Top Pops was able to pull a chase!

(Top Pops Unboxing K-Dog & Fish Package)

We’ve seen Ad Icons, Batman & Robin, Masters of the Universe, Speed Racer, The Flintstones, Thundercats and several others already make their Funko Soda Can debut. And with the four sets that were announced as part of Wondercon this past weekend, Funko is showing no signs of slowing down. Who do YOU think would make for a GREAT Soda Can treatment?

Tom & Jerry might be a fun duo to make an appearance in the Soda Cans… or maybe Guardians of the Galaxy. Tell us what you think?

Stay funky, San Diego.
Bry Why


Disclaimer: It might be worth pointing out that these Funko Soda Cans do not actually contain any soda or liquid – just sweet vinyl figures and a commemorative disc (like a ‘Pog’). 

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