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Mystery Box -The Thrill of the Pull!

There is no denying the rush of opening any variation of a blind-pull and getting something ultra-rare or unexpected. Whether you first experienced this with opening packs of baseball or hockey cards… or maybe it was Magic: The Gathering or Pokémon cards… everyone knows exactly that feeling. You bust open the pack, flip through the contents and there it is… a 1985-86 O-Pee-Chee Mario Lemieux Rookie Card or a Black Lotus from Magic: The Gathering Alpha/Beta staring back at you. It’s a rush. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. That is what inspired us to launch our exclusive K-Dog & Fish Funko Mystery Boxes.

Mystery Box #1 – “Exclusive Mystery Box”

Our first-ever Mystery Box launched February 19th, 2020 and contained four Funko Pops. All the Pops were exclusives (Con Exclusives, Funko Shop Exclusives, Retail Exclusives, Chases or Vaulted Pops) and we sold out within five days of launch. Here is a sample of some hauls that people shared on Instagram…


Mystery Box #2 – “Hot Pops”

Our second Mystery Box, “Hot Pops”, debuted April 3rd and sold out so fast, we added a second wave that also got snapped up faster than Baxter could eat a whole wheel of cheese. This box contained six Pops that were considered highly sought after or difficult to find.

Here are some hauls that were shared with us on Instagram…


Mystery Box #3 - "Marvel Madness Mystery Box"

On April 17th we launched our third box – the “Marvel Madness Mystery Box”. Another 6-pack, this box contained, as you can guess from the title, nothing but Marvel Pops. We still cannot believe how quickly these got snapped up. They only lasted a matter of hours before they were gone!

Our friend GeeBoats (Click here for GeeBoats Popvinyl YouTube channel) did an unboxing of a Marvel Madness Mystery Box, you can check that out here

Here are some hauls that were shared with us on Instagram…


Mystery Box #4 – “Disney Magical Mystery Box”

On May 1st we launched Mystery Box #4, a Disney-themed mystery box comprised of various Disney & Pixar Pops. Another 6-pack, this Mystery Box was sold out so quickly that we decided to release a second wave. Again however, they only lasted a matter of hours.

Again, don't miss our friend Tristan (Top Pops on YouTube) as he shared a video doing another unboxing... this time of two Disney Mystery Boxes! You can watch the video here

Here is a sample of the hauls that were shared with us on Instagram…


SO, what’s next? For those who tuned into last week’s 4 O’clock Friday LIVE on our Instagram Channels, you already know the theme for our next Mystery Box. And for those who missed it… be sure to tune in THIS FRIDAY and every Friday at 4:00 PM when K-Dog & Fish chat all things Funko – including the theme and release details for our next Mystery Box!

Will you be lucky enough to secure a Mystery Box? What will you pull? It’s all about the thrill of the pull. Good luck Funko fans!

Until next time …    

Stay funky, San Diego

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