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Funko Fair 2021: Recap of EVERY Announcement!

Hey Funko Fans & K-Dog & Fish Fans! 

What an absolutely head-spinning 2 weeks of Funko announcements as part of Funko Fair 2021. Thanks for tuning in to all of our Instagram Stories, Posts and Pre-Order announcements during that time!

As followers of all things Funko and pop culture, we knew that Funko Fair was coming and that it would be a multi-day event, but we had no idea the scale of Pops, Key-Chains, Soda Cans, Pins, Plushies and more that Funko would be announcing. It felt like every hour there was another wave announced - it was crazy! 

Now, with so many really cool Funko announcements last week, we want to break them down so you are up to speed on all things Funko Fair 2021. Check out the image gallery and then down below we will share our Top 3 Must-Haves from the lot and provide a link to where you can make your pre-orders right here on

So without further adieu... here... we... go... !  


Incredible, right? Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Naruto, Pokemon, Disney, Sports, Music and more... we're PUMPED for the number of awesome Pops and other Funko products coming down the pipe this year! 

Let's break down our Top 3 Must Haves...

1. The Goonies - "Hey You Guuuuuuys!"

We have been talking about Funko making more Pops from this ultimate cult classic and one of our favourite movies of all-time for quite some time! While there is an "OG" line of Goonies Pops from 2014 - that are now vaulted - the detail improvements and overall look of these new ones look so much better. Is there anything funnier than Chunk with his shirt up or anything cooler then Pirate Sloth?! Absolutely not.

These are instant-buys for our collection without hesitation. We do still have pre-orders available for the 4 commons, which you can do right here. And, of course, we'll be doing our best to track down exclusives, and will announce them when they arrive! 

2. Godzilla vs Kong

Nothing is more badass than Godzilla and Kong laying a smack-down in the middle of a people-and-building-filled city as their battle arena. Well, other than maybe the two squaring off on an aircraft carrier at sea as featured in the Godzilla & Kong movie trailer! This trailer looks sick and the hype around these Pops is off the charts! The detail on them just looks so cool.

You can secure your Godzilla vs Kong pre-orders with! We will be tracking down the exclusives and will announce them when we have them in-hand. 

3. Comic Covers - Superman (Action Comics)

Funko might owe us an assist on this one! We have been talking about how cool it would be for them to do something like this and POOF here it is! Assist or not, holy cow is this ever cool!! Featuring the comic cover as the backdrop, much like how the Pop Album line does it, is just an incredible idea and so visually stunning. We can't wait to see where this line goes next... X-Men #1, Avengers #1, Batman #1... could even branch out from Marvel / DC and be Conan comics, Micky Mouse comics, Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters... Spawn??? For now, we can get this awesome Action Comics #1 with Superman! You can pre-order yours from right now!

Honourable Mentions:


The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is outrageously cool! And the Pinocchio Pops are really cute as well. 

Browse what is still available and secure your Funko Fair 2021 pre-orders from K-Dog & Fish here

Well, there you have it, everyone! A complete breakdown of every Funko Fair announcement, our Top 3 Must-Haves, and the link to pre-order yours from 😊 Stay tuned for announcements from us when we get some of those Exclusives in-hand!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon for our next 4 O'clock Friday Show or Virtual Garage Sale Funko Auction on Instagram Live! 

Stay Funko San Diego - 

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