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Target Con 2021 Funko Preview!

Hey Funko Fans!

Funko wished everyone an early Happy Target Con - which is scheduled for Friday, February 26th - by sharing a teaser and brief pre-orders of 6 Pops coming to Funko Target Con 2021!

Today we will be taking a closer look at the 6 Pops that were shared by Funko, a 10" Metallic Pop that has also been announced and speculating what the 7 remaining unannounced Pops could be! 

Announced February 5th by Funko: 

A great spread so far! That Otto Mann from the Simpsons looks so cool as he shreds that air guitar like nobody else can! Flocked Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog? Yes, Please! And can we just have a slow clap for that Pop Deluxe Skeletor on Throne?!? That will look incredible out of box. This wave also includes Colonel Mustard with the Revolver from Clue, along with another entry for the Candlyland series, Lord Licorice! Completing these reveals is Bullseye, the Target Ad Icon rocking his 2021 Target Con T-Shirt. Adorable. He looks like a tiny little human and we are living for it. 

But that's not all... as part of the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon, Funko announced a 10" Metallic Pikachu! 

I pika-pika-choo-choo-choose you, Pikachu! Wapow! Since it's metallic, do you think it would be conductive to Pikachu's electricity? 

Now, Funko has said that there are still 7 MORE Pops coming as part of Target Con 2021... so... we're going to speculate and toss out some things that we COULD see. This is all fun, we'll see on the 26th what the official releases will be! 

We asked around the the "Aswang Gang" here at K-Dog & Fish for everyone's prediction of a yet to be announced drop on the February 26th Target Con... 

K-Dog: "Pop Ride Flocked Harry with Mutts Cutts Van, Dumb & Dumber"

Fish: "Flocked Chandler in Bunny Suit, Friends"

CVBeek: "Sea Bass, Dumb & Dumber"

BryWhy: "Luke Skywalker, The Mandalorian" 

So there you have it! We covered the 7 Pops we know about, shared our predictions on which we could see announced next... and now we want to hear from YOU! What are your thoughts on what was announced so far and what your predictions? 

As always, thanks for joining us! Be sure to tune in to our 4 O'clock Friday show on Instagram Live that runs every week on Friday. And be sure to follow us on YouTubeFacebook & Instagram to stay in the loop about everything K-Dog & Fish! Like when our next Live Auction Garage Sale is happening or new YouTube show or "After Dark" is taking place, when our next Mystery Box drop is or new Podcast goes live!

You want more K-Dog & Fish, we give you more K-Dog & Fish! 

Stay funky, San Diego, 
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