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Feb 15, 2019: New York Toy Fair Reveals!

Where do we begin?!? LOL! It was an insane day for Funko Funatics at the New York Toy Fair! So...Many...Pops! We waited until this evening to post this because they just kept coming!

So first announced were new KISS Pops! This is a re-release, the original KISS Pops came out way back in 2011 and are now considered Grails! We noticed quite a bit of that today! Older, Rare, Grail Pops now getting re-releases, you'll see more examples of that in this blog piece.

KISS was the first of many new Music Pops announced today, others of note are: Backstreet Boys, N'SYNC, Johnny Cash, Post Malone & The Migos.

Let's move on to the world of Television! So many awesome Pops were announced, including legendary TV game Show Hosts Alex Trebek & Pat Sajak with Vanna White. Trebek & Vanna coming with Chase variants as well! Then TV Shows & Sitcoms getting Pops are the cast of Cheers, Sanford & Son, Dawson's Creek, Community, Xena Warrior Princess, Kevin Sorbo's Hercules & our favourite in this group The Office! There's a Jim Chase with his hilarious Halloween costume "FACEBOOK", the Dwight is perfect & there's also a 2-Pack Toby with Michael Scott. Some newer TV show casts also announced today were Billions & The Big Bang Theory, the latter being a re-release of 2012-2013 Pops that are now worth quite a bit! 

There were animated series Pops announced today including more Sponge Bob, Garfield, Rick & Morty, Scooby Doo & another Grail re-release of The Simpsons! These are pretty amazing including a "Bart-Man" & "Radioactive Man" Homer Simpson! 

Now for the Movie Pops revealed today! Oh man! So many amazing Pops including Beverly Hills Cop, Pretty Woman, Men in Black, Forrest Gump, more Super Troopers, Pet Cemetery & Hellboy. Some of the most exciting ones from the world of Movies are classics like Jaws, Ghostbusters & Caddyshack! Jaws ones are so cool, including a 6" Shark with diving tank in its mouth. Ghostbusters has a lot, too many to mention in this post lol, but they are awesome & there is a new Egon! The Caddyshack Pops include Ty Webb (also with blindfolded Chase variant), Al Czervik, The Gopher, The Judge & Bill Murray's Carl Spackler! 

There are even more! They announced Vynl 2-Packs, Minis, Pez, Pops from video games, classic cartoons, ad icons and from the world of Sports. Including 2 amazing Pops, Muhammad Ali & Babe Ruth! 

We are going to be pre-ordering as many of these new Pops as possible! Keep an eye on our "COMING SOON" section of the website for updates! Thanks to Funko for these super cool New York Toy Fair reveals, check out some of the photos below! 2019 is going to be a Funko Fantastic Year!


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