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March 18, 2019: ECCC 2019 Shared Exclusives!

Well over the Weekend was the annual Emerald City Comic Con & with it came lots of Funko Exclusives, some shared through retailers in the USA & Canada! There are quite a few but we wanted to highlight some of our favourites!

Firstly, Game Stop Exclusive Thor! We will be getting this one through EB Games in Canada so be patient Funatics. This retro looking god of thunder will be an instant classic, very cool looking Pop!

Hot Topic is also getting some cool shares including Captain Marvel: Korath in Starforce Suit, a Dragon Ball-Z 6” Porunga & Rick & Morty Jaguar Shirtless. I think our favourite from Target is the 2-pack Office Space: Michael Bolton & Samir smashing the photocopier lol! "PC Load Letter?!" just awesome!

The Funko Shop itself has some cool Pops if you are able to procure them including a Bill Murray The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou & Ad Icon Pillsbury Doughboy with Shamrock Cookie! 

There is a rumour Funko is ending its license with MOTU, so FYE's "Buzz Off" from He-Man ECCC exclusive might be the last MOTU Pop being made! Which not only is it cool looking, but might be valued even higher depending on the validity of that story.

I don't think we could end this list of highlights without mentioning the Box Lunch shared exclusive Game of Thrones Arya Stark! With the Final GOT Season approaching this Pop is going to be highly collectable!

Below is a pic of ALL ECCC 2019 shared exclusives, courtesy of @marvelpophunter in Instagram. Happy Hunting Everyone!

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