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Jan 22, 2019: London Toy Fair Reveals!

Yesterday Funko announced a whole slew of new Pops coming our way this Spring at the annual London Toy Fair & we are excited! 

Starting with the 80th Anniversary Pops celebrating DC's Batman! Including 2 we already have on pre-order for, 1939 First Appearance Batman & 1989 Michael Keaton Batman! There's a bunch more including what looks to be like a wicked Movie Moments featuring Keaton & Jack Nicholson's Joker fighting on the rooftop from the 1989 Tim Burton 'Batman' film!

Also revealed at the London Toy Fair are Pops from Scooby-Doo; Game of Thrones;  Fallout; UFC; Sponge Bob; Dragon Ball Z; Harry Potter; Bewitched; Overwatch, Toy Story Vynls; Little Mermaid; Incredibles and many, many, many more!

Other than 80th anniversary Batman, the other ones we are most excited about are 4 Pops from the classic 1999 Mike Judge comedy 'Office Space'! Time to grab your Red Swingline Stapler, get your Flare on & fill out those TPS Reports!!! These Pops include Peter, Joanna with Flare, Milton & of course Lumbergh! This is definitely a better idea then a “Jump to Conclusions Mat”, can't wait for these!

If you thought the London Toy Fair reveals got you excited, just wait until the New York Toy Fair! 2019 is going to be an amazing "Funko Funatic" year!


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