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2020 SDCC Goes Virtual With HUGE Wave of Exclusives!

The organizers of the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) had to make a difficult yet socially responsible decision this year to cancel the event due to concerns surrounding Covid-19 - which totally makes sense and we support that decision 100%.

With that said, as was the case with the Anaheim WonderCon and Emerald City Comic-Con (ECCC) earlier this year, Funko decided to go VIRTUAL and release a sensational wave of Pops that is sure to offer a little something for everyone. Fans of Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Pokémon, Star Wars... practically all of the major fandoms are being treated to something awesome!

There's literally too many Pops for us to talk about all of them in one blog, so here's a quick over-view of everything that was announced, and then we'll take a closer look at our Top 3 SDCC Announced Exclusives! 

The Entire List: 


What a list, eh? More Soda Cans, great new molds, flocked and glitter variants - even a 10" Pop! Let's break it down a little and take a closer look at our Top 3.
#3 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Michelangelo

Cowabunga dudes! This Pop is just a ton of fun and looks awesome. From the pizza shorts to the surf-board to Mikey throwing up the Shaka sign for "hang loose" & "I love you", there's just so much to love about this Pop. Factor in that the value on the original Ninja Turtle waves continue to climb and this is going to be a must-have for collectors around the world. 

#2 - The Office - Recyclops (Version 3)

We love anything and everything from The Office, so this Pop is without a doubt, definitely on our must-have list! It's interesting to note that we saw 'Version 1' of Dwight's Recyclops character drop this year at ECCC and now 'Version 3' dropping here for SDCC. Could we see 'Version 4 or 5' at New York Comic-Con this year? We know there has been a lot of Dwight Pops already... but we can dream, right? 

#1 - Anchorman  

This could very well be our favourite Funko announcement of all-time. We've been hoping, waiting & wishing for Funko to drop Anchorman Pops since as long as we've been collecting and it's finally happening. Without getting into who or what this wave is missing - which prompts tons of speculation about future Anchorman waves (fingers crossed!), let us take a moment to appreciate and be super excited about what IS included in this wave.

A Sex Panther SCENTED Bryan Fantana? AMAZING. Ron with Baxter in their matching pj's? AMAZING. Brick enjoying his banana, Ron on the jazz flute and a classic Channel 4 News Host Ron Burgundy...  we don't have words to explain how excited we are.

You know, it's probably for the best that Funko took this many years to bring us Anchorman Pops because the detail and specificity on each of them is incredible and we know this is just opening the door for more. These are all instant-buy must-haves for us and it will be hard to top this wave for the rest of the year in our minds. We've talked about Anchorman on our Instagram 4 O'Clock Fridays, on our K-Dog & Fish YouTube Show... it's even how BryWhy signs off every blog ("Stay Funky San Diego")... all of us here at K-Dog & Fish are HUGE Anchorman fans. This is as cool as it gets for all of us. 

Okay... okay... we'll stop drooling over the Anchorman Pops! 

As promised, here is a look at the SDCC 2020 Shared Retailers to help you track down where to find those exclusives! 


There you have it folks. This is our third Funko Virtual Con of the year and a TON of insanely cool Funko Pops! Who are your must-haves or the Pops you're most excited about? 

Funko plans to release these for sale on their Funko Online store Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:00 PM (PT) and they should start to appear on the Shared Retailer websites just after midnight (so early morning) of Thursday, July 23rd. Some websites will have them available at 12:01 AM... while some don't go live until 3:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 8:00 AM. We'll be watching all the sites to try and get our hands on as many as possible. 
That's all for now. From the K-Dog & Fish Channel 4 News Room - 
Stay Funky San Diego, 
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