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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

Zachary B. of Cambridge, Ontario!

Congratulations to Zachary B. of Cambridge, Ontario for being the latest K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week!


Here is Zachary's story: 

Hi I am Zachary, I started collecting Funko pops when I got my first Pop, Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was really cool and I got really interested in it right away. I was about five years old at the time when I got it; it was a gift when I lost a tooth!

I started collecting more and now I collect Marvel and DC and other action movie Pops. My favourite Pop is the Boba Fett 2020 Spring Convention Exclusive. At this moment right now, my Grail Pop that I’m trying to find is the 2021 DC Comics Joker Chase.

I first heard of K-dog and Fish when I was driving by the store in Bracebridge. I later saw a video on Top Pops on YouTube about the K-Dog & Fish store so I wanted to go. Now I’m very happy to say that I’ve had the chance to go and I’m very excited to go again many times in the future! I am proud to say that I was the first guest so see the brand new K-Dog & Fish studio! 

Be sure to visit Zachary's page on Instagram (@zacthehulk) to see even more photos of his impressive collection! 


Thank you for all of your support, Zachary! It was a pleasure to give you the first tour of the new Studio and now that we are reopening for Private Shopping by Appointment, we hope to let more people see the Studio space! By the way, your collection looks amazing - especially that lineup of Soda Cans and Super Sized Pops! We look forward to having you tune in for our 4 O'Clock Friday Show and Live Auction Garage Sales! 


Would YOU like to be featured as a future K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic? Send us an e-mail with photos of you with your collection and tell us your story! And be sure not to miss the best time of the week, our 4 O'Clock Friday Show on Instagram Live every Friday at 4:00 PM EST with Giveaways!


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