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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

Rocky P. of Haileybury, Ontario!

Congratulations to Rocky P. of Haileybury, Ontario for being the latest K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week!

Here is Rocky
's Funko story: 

I’d never really heard of funko pops before but I somewhat knew what they were, a few years ago I had received a loot bag for my birthday from my boss at the time and when I opened it it had a funko inside a Harley Quinn Imposter. It wasn’t until last year I started noticing them at the dollar store here in town and a couple other places I then randomly decided I was going to start collecting these things. A hundred and seventeen pops later and still climbing the goal is to be able to no longer see my walls...wife may not allow it though lol.

My collection is all over the place. I pretty much collect anything that peaks my interest, pops of movie or tv characters from my childhood that I really enjoyed like my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set, the Rock’em Sock’em set, Goonies set and of course Super Troopers. The set I’m working towards right now is the entire marvel zombie set.

Favorite funko pop’s that I own would have to be my Zombie Land Bill Murray (chase), definitely Silver Surfer Marvel Zombie. I love how he is just holding his own head up while on his board the details are so good, barista deadpool is also a favorite of mine. One grail I've always had my eye on but is wayyy beyond price range would be freddy funko holding a pez dispenser that is a wacky wobbler. Grail pop’s I'm on a search for the step brothers for sure grails in my books the movie is just legendary another good grail I'd love to get my hands on would be Ace Ventura no doubt.

When I first started collecting, I was buying from two stores in town and they didn’t have many to begin with and a couple online spots that won't be mentioned lol, then scrolling through facebook a couple months ago I came across a post from my friend Kaila, she had shared it from your page stating that she had won funko funatic of the week. We then started talking about funko pops when I told her where I was getting mine from, I was instantly told to check out K-Dog & Fish and how amazing their customer service is and how great they were all around. I checked them out on the site and made an order that week. I also enjoy the virtual garage sales and mystery boxes. Let's not forget 4 O’Clock Friday! Looking forward to taking a road trip in the fall to come visit the store and make some instore purchases! 

Thank you Rocky for sharing your story with us! Your collection is awesome! We love the Zombie Marvel too! Thanks again for being a part of our Funko community! 


Would YOU like to be featured as a future K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic? Send us an e-mail with photos of you with your collection and tell us your story! And be sure not to miss the best time of the week, our 4 O'Clock Friday Show on INSTAGRAM LIVE every Friday at 4:00 PM EST with Giveaways!


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