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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

Matthew Y. of Niagara Falls, Ontario!

Congratulations to Matthew Y. of Niagara Falls, Ontario for being the latest K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week!

Here is Matthew's Funko story: 

I bought my first-ever Funko Pop in 2013. It was the Winged Monkey from The Wizard of Oz, which I picked up solely because I’m a big Wizard of Oz fan. I’ve been kicking myself for the last few years for not buying the whole Wizard of Oz set when they were under $100/each.

I started collecting seriously in 2018. It started with the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary collection, and that slowly snowballed into collecting Disney Pops in general. Once I started taking photos of my Pops, that’s when I graduated to an official Funko Funatic.

Like most collectors, my collection is a mix of different franchises and genres that reflect my weirdly specific interests. However the majority of my collection is Disney. To get even more specific, I’m really into the Disney Parks Pops niche. I have a bunch of Disney Parks exclusives, most of the Haunted Mansion line, park specific characters like Figment and Redd, and my all time favourite collection: the Mad Tea Party set!

It’s hard to pick a favourite Pop, but two that stand out are Douglas from Pop Around the World and the Cheshire Cat at the Mad Tea Party. Douglas is extra special because I worked at a Canadian themed Dinner Theatre for 7 years, and he reminds me of the tacky joy of that job. The Cheshire Cat is special because he serves as a mascot for my YouTube channel (Teacup for One) and he represents all my favourite things in one figure: Disney, Funko, Teacups and Cats.

As for grails, my ultimate dream is to complete the Wizard of Oz set beyond the flying monkey….and a much more attainable grail is the Hot Topic Exclusive Queen of Hearts with the hedgehog and Flamingo.

I can’t remember how I first heard of K-Dog and Fish... I think I saw the name floating around throughout the Instagram collector community, alongside some Funko YouTube channels, and I eventually stumbled on one of the Live shows and then I was HOOKED!

Be sure to check out Matthew's YouTube Channel - Teacup for One. We highly recommend checking out... and thanks to Matthew for the video he shared unboxing of a K-Dog & Fish Harry Potter Mystery Box that you can watch here!  


Thank you for sharing your story with us Matthew. Your Pop photography is really cool and we've enjoyed watching your YouTube videos! Hopefully one day you find the rest of those OG Wizard of Oz Pops! We've all got a story on Pops we passed on that ended up becoming grails! The hunt continues! Thanks again Matthew, we are so glad to have you as a part of this great Funko community! 


Would YOU like to be featured as a future K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic? Send us an e-mail with photos of you with your collection and tell us your story! And be sure not to miss the best time of the week, our 4 O'Clock Friday Show on INSTAGRAM LIVE every Friday at 4:00 PM EST with Giveaways!


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