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Funkoween 2021 Recap: Halfway to Hallow's Eve!

Hey fellow Funko Funatics! 

Funko decided to get into the Halloween spirit a little early this year by hosting the first-ever Funkoween: Halfway to Hallow's Eve celebration! They dedicated an entire week to dropping announcements and teasers of the Pops coming this Fall. Fans of the horror genre and all things spooky are going to LOVE what Funko has in store. Today, we plan to break down all the announcements and showcase everything that was announced, along with providing you links to the Pops that are available for Pre-Order right here on the K-Dog & Fish website. 

Without further delay... let's dive in - who's ready to go Trick or Treating! 

👻 DAY 1 👻

We're loving that Jaws Pop Deluxe! That looks amazing. And we definitely can't wait to see those Michael Myers Pops in person. The 10" Super Sized Michael Myers will look SICK! Pretty exciting to see another Hocus Pocus Pop and the Disney Villains will surely be must-haves for the Disney collectors.

👻 DAY 2 👻

Okay, those Gizmo and Gremlin Pops are just so cool! These are big improvements from the original Gremlins Pops. The Brightburn Brandon Breyer Pop looks amazing and nice to see Vincent Price, the voice of horror, getting a Funkoween shoutout! 

👻 DAY 3 👻

The Soda Cans announced look amazing. We're hoping to be able to get our hands on a few someway, somehow. The Walking Dead Pops look very cool - especially that updated Negan Pop. And really loving those Dia De Los DC Batman Pops. Didn't see those coming, so they were a great surprise from what was announced. 

👻 DAY 4 👻

Maybe our favourite day of releases... the Evil Dead Ash (and Chase) are simply amazing. And how can you beat Rowdy Roddy Piper in the 1988 CLASSIC They Live? Marvel dropping more entries into both the Venomized and Zombie lines... and we still haven't even mentioned the Witcher 3 Game Cover Pops. It started with Pop Albums, then Comic Covers and now we're going to start seeing Game Covers? Amazing. It looks fantastic. 

👻 DAY 5 👻

Day 5 was a lighter day for announcements. The Soda Cans look awesome - again, we'll do our best to get our hands on as many as possible. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pop looks menacingly awesome and we can never really have too many Office Pops! 

The Dia De Los DC Batman Pops look AMAZING. Love the colours and the detail on those Pops. Next would probably be the 40th Anniversary of the Evil Dead Ash pops. Definitely a must-have - especially the the Limited Edition bloody Chase! The Office Pops look really cool. Brightburn. Disney Villains. There is so much to love from these announcements!! 


👉 K-Dog & Fish discuss the Funkoween: Halfway to Hallow's Eve announcements in their latest YouTube Show! Hear what they think about the event, which Pops they're hyped for and much more - tune in here!

Well, there you have it folks. We are PUMPED for Funkoween this year and can't wait to see these Pops in person. What did YOU think about this special preview event? Are there any that were released that are serious must-haves? Be sure to tell us on our Facebook Page or Instagram!

As always, thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time! 👌
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