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Funko WonderCon 2021

Hey Funko Fans!

Continuing on with Funko's streak of Virtual Conventions, next up on the horizon is the Virtual Wondrous Con 2021 set to take place April 21st - 23rd, 2021. We're going to be showcasing the Pops that have been announced ahead of the event, sharing thoughts on our favourites and letting you know who the Shared Retailers are. Buckle in, hold on tight... here we go! 

WonderCon 2021 - Pops Announced: 

Coming on the heals of Funko Fair & ECCC, this might seem like a smaller batch than what we've been spoiled with so far this year, but there are still some real goodies in this mix. Let's take a closer look at our Top 3 Must-Have Pops:  

Beauty And The Beast - Enchantress 

We did not have this Pop on our radar at all, but are pleasantly surprised! Those familiar with the story of Beauty And The Beast will recognize this Pop right away. The Enchantress is a minor character from the 1991 Disney classic, but she played a major role in being the person to place the spell on the prince, castle and everyone in it. There is a great amount of detail on this Pop and we know both Disney & Beauty And The Beast fans will be going crazy for this one. 

Star Wars - Stormtrooper 

There is no such thing as too many Stormtrooper Pops and while Stormtroopers may struggle hitting anything with their blaster, we think this Pop is a huge hit! Love the gold colour and detail on this Pop. 

DC - Atom

For DC collectors, you may remember - or already have - the Captain Atom Pop that was released at last year's Wonder Con, or The Atom Pop that was part of the Legends of Tomorrow Series. While Captain Atom is a different character entirely, the Legends of Tomorrow Atom was from the hit TV series. This Atom Pop is pulled directly from the DC comics and WOW does it ever look sick! Atom, or his real name Ray Palmer, has the ability to shrink or grow in size, which Funko has captured beautifully with this Pop. It will certainly be a difficult decision deciding whether or not to keep this Pop in-box, or display out-of-box. A great problem to have for those lucky enough to snag this Pop! 

Funko also announced the shared retailers for the Wondrous Con Pops: 



For shared retailers from other countries, visit here

We've covered the Pops that have been announced, our Top 3 and provided you with the list of shared retailers. So, how do have a chance to order them directly from Funko with the Con Sticker? Funko will be holding a lottery once again, which you can learn all about right here.

For those not lucky enough on the lottery, Funko has said these Pops will be available at the shared retailers beginning April 23rd at 9:00 AM EST. 

So, what are your must-have's from this event? Let us know what your favourites are on social media!


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