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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

Kristopher G. of Toronto, Ontario!

Congratulations to Kristopher G. of Toronto, Ontario for being the latest K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week!

Here is Kristopher's Funko Story:

- Tell us about how you got into collecting Funko and what your first Funko item was:

Well I had started seeing them pop into a few stores that I frequented at back in 2013-14 and I remember telling myself "NO, don't start." I did manage for maybe about a year... then I received one for my birthday, it was the Flash who is my top fav superhero besides Deadpool.

Then of course it went let's get his other characters and villains. Well this character is also part of Green Arrow. Well since you've got those ones you might as well get Superman and Batman ones etc from DC. Well since you have so many superheroes might as well get Marvel ones too (since I'm a bigger fan) and so on and so on. And here I am 650+ Pops later haha!

- Tell us about what genres or types of Pops you collect:

I did end up trimming the collection and selling off all my DC ones except the Flash collection. I focus on Dragonball, Pokémon exclusives and Marvel with an extra attention to Deadpool, Spiderverse, and blacklight. And of course random one offs here and there from movies and video games that I like.

- Tell us your favourite that you own and what Grails you are searching for:

So my favourite would have to be Kratos. The game came out in 2018 for PS4 and I'm still playing it now (on a harder difficulty) on the PS5. Waiting for the sequel coming out in 2022.

As for grails there's the Planet Arlia Vegeta from DBZ, but not exactly looking for it due to price point and how many fakes there are of it. Searching for more reasonable pops like the black Kratos, Deadpool riding a unicorn, or Rhino from Spiderman.

- Tell us about how you heard of K-Dog & Fish:

I'm in a few Facebook groups for Pop collecting and I heard the name come up once or twice. Then during the lock down I had to start ordering online more so I had also started watching more YouTube for reviews and such. I stumbled upon Top Pops doing an unboxing from Kdog and Fish. So gave you guys a try and BOOM you blow away other retailers on shipping and availability. Can't imagine ordering anywhere else after the royal treatment you guys put into packing.

Thank you Kris for sharing your story with us! Your collection is awesome! Love all the Deadpool, DBZ and Marvel Grails, especially that insane FUNKON PRIZE pack you won from the Thursday Giveaway! We are so glad you found out about our online Shop and Live Shows! Congrats again on winning those prizes and joining us on our virtual garage sales! We appreciate you and want to say thanks again for being a part of our Funko community!

You can check out more from Kristopher on Instagram!

Would YOU like to be featured as a future K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic? Send us an e-mail with photos of you with your collection and tell us your story! And be sure not to miss the best time of the week, our 4 O'Clock Friday Show on INSTAGRAM LIVE every Friday at 4:00 PM EST with Giveaways!


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