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Funko Funatics!

Funko Funatics!

"The Italian Stallions" from Ontario, Canada! (SUPER-SIZED FUNATIC OF THE WEEK)

This week we're bringing you a SUPER-SIZED K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic Feature like we've never done before. Buckle up because we're featuring 4 of the 'Italian Stallions' from Ontario, Canada! 

Those who tune in regularly for our 4 O'Clock Friday Show or our Virtual Garage Sale Funko Auctions on Instagram Live may recognize some of these legends. 

We have... 

Christian P. of Bolton Ontario (IG: @christianpignotti)
Ben M. of Vaughan Ontario (IG: @broncoben30)
Stefano G. of Brampton, Ontario (IG: @stefgiaco)
Michael R. of Vaughan, Ontario (IG: @funkosfromthe6ix)

These Funko-collecting icons have been down to the shop, have toured our OG studio and have been long-time K-Dog & Fish supporters, so we are pumped to be able to share more about them and their collections this week. 

----- Christian P. (@christianpignotti):

"What got me into Funko was the look of the figures, their collectability, the passionate community and the fact that there’s something for everyone!

My first pop was an OG Superman #7 from 2013. It was a gift from my girlfriend. I no longer collect anything DC but it is a special pop to me (and one of my most valuable).

I discovered K-Dog and Fish online doing some research in my early Pop collecting days. What was interesting to me was how they had such a unique boutique style shop/showroom in Muskoka - a destination spot in Ontario. I could see they had a great selection of Pops online. After receiving my first order I was so impressed with the packaging that I never looked back. I truly believe they are the best Funko retailer in North America. The quality of their product is second to none, but more importantly K-Dog and Fish are two great guys that have created an amazing community - THEY CARE! They are the type of people that after meeting them for the first time you feel like you’ve known them a whole lot longer.

I collect Avengers and Stan Lee Pops ONLY .... with a side of Soda Cans to keep things fresh lol! I am a huge Avengers fan and always will be!

A few of my personal grails are: 1. Iron Man #11 (OG Blue Box Avenger), 2. Thor #12 (OG Blue Box Avenger), 3. Nick Fury #14 (OG Blue Box Avenger), and 4. Thor #286 (GITD Asia Excl. from Infinity War)."

----- Ben M. (@broncoben30):


"I started collecting Funko for my son, Vincent. Mostly, I like to collect Movie and TV Pops. My personal grails would be the Joker 2020 Comic-Con Exclusive, the Bride of Frankenstein and the blue crystal Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, just to name three of my most favourite.

I am hoping to one day get my hands on the Rocky series, Beatles and Michael Jackson. My collection is currently at 171 Pops and counting." 

----- Stefano G. (@stefgiaco)

"Christian was the first from our crew that got into Funko and he introduced us to what they were and that they were a valuable collectible item that many people are involved in!

I had a Harry Potter Pop (#08) that I bought a long time ago not knowing what it was besides a cool figure to display in my room. Once Christian introduced me to Funko, however, the addiction began because of the wide variety of figures in pop culture!

He told us to check out K-Dog and Fish because they were one of the best Funko stores out there and of course we all love to support local businesses too!
From there I started buying single Pops here and there and their famed Mystery Boxes! We made a trip up to the shop this year too which was crazy to see so many Pops in one spot and meet the boys themselves!

I try to stick to a few genres of Pops - Harry Potter, The Office, flocked Pokémon mostly, with a mix of Sports, Rap and some of my favourite Movies/Shows like Anchorman, Parks and Rec etc. I’ve also collected a few Soda Cans along the way.

My personal favourite Pops are my flocked Pokémon and the Notorious BIG Pop Album! I don’t personally have a massive grail piece but what I consider my grail pieces are my Anchorman Pops. My goal is to one day get the 3-Hole Punch Jim Pop from The Office!!

Thanks K-Dog and Fish for featuring me and the rest of the boys as the Funatics of the Week! We are all looking forward to another great year and wish you guys continued success!"

----- Michael R. (@funkosfromthe6ix)

"My name is Michael and I’m from Vaughan, Ontario. I’ve been collecting Funko Pops for 5 years, and the collection keeps growing! I’m known to my friends as “The Movie Guy,” and while I dabble in all genres, my favourites are DC and Marvel. I picked up my first ever funko pop by fluke and it was an animated Batman.

I discovered K-Dog & Fish through one of my friends who is also a big Funko collector, and we took a trip up to the shop over the summer to check out the inventory. The guys at K-Dog & Fish are so knowledgeable and passionate and made the experience a great one. K-Dog & Fish hooked me up with some great soda cans on that visit and I haven’t looked back since. My soda can collection now stands at over 30 with 19 chases.

As the new phase of Marvel movies came out, my Funko collection became more Marvel oriented. I began collecting Avengers leading up to the Infinity War Series and End Game Series.

My top 3 grails right now are Captain America WWII, Thor with Stormbreaker, and the Jack Nicholson Joker 1989 chase, which I picked up from K-Dog & Fish.

The K-Dog & Fish 4 O’Clock Fridays and the live auction garage sales are great ways to keep the collecting experience alive during Covid. You can check out more of my collection on instagram @funkosfromthe6ix. I look forward to coming back into the store for another big haul!"


WOW, guys! Holy smokes. Unreal collections, grails and stories. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and all the kind words. We're simply blown away. We're very grateful to have you guys as part of our humble Funko community. We can't wait for all the things we have in store for 2021 post-pandemic of course lol. Road trips, Comic-Cons, our new Studio and so much more. This is just the beginning! 

If you would like to be featured as a K-Dog & Fish Funko Funatic of the Week, send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram and tell us why you should be featured. 


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