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Thursday 3Some Show!

3 random Topics submitted by Fans, 3 Minutes each! This is a brand new show concept we call the "Thursday 3Some" with K-Dog & Fish 😉

We put it out on Instagram for Fans to submit random topics for this new show and you guys did not disappoint! Could be literally anything, Funko, Sports, Movies, Food etc! We put all of those ideas into the "K-Dog & Fish Bowl" and pull 3 and we discuss each randomly selected topic off the cuff for 3 minutes and see what happens! Of course we also try to make each other laugh throughout the entire show! Stick around for the Outtakes & Blooper Reel at the end of the Video to find out why Three's Company was the best TV show ever, also why you NEVER put Cottage Cheese in Lasagna plus what the heck is an Umbrella Tree?!? 😂

If you want to send us Fan Art, Mail or Mystery Boxes for us to open on Future Episodes please send them to: K-Dog & Fish 45 Manitoba Street Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada P1L 2A9

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