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Mr. Dressup vs Mr. Rogers

We put an end to this heated debate! Mr. Rogers or Mr. Dressup, which show was better? 🤔 We discuss this and 2 more Fun Topics on our FINAL Thursday3Some Show: Episode 69! We couldn't think of a better number to end this series on LOL! We pick 3 random Topics submitted by Fans and get 3 Minutes to discuss each one, completely off the cuff! Join us as we also talk about which Athletes we'd like to crack a "Cold One" with and our Celebrity Crushes! Of course we also try to make each other laugh throughout the entire show 😂 Don't forget to LIKE & COMMENT on this video and SUBSCRIBE to our Channel for more fun content!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who have watched and submit topics each week! Although this is our Last Thursday3Some Show we will continue to bring you some BRAND NEW Pop Culture and Funko related Shows every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! Plus Podcast clips, Comedy Skits and MORE K-Dog & Fish Shenanigans 🎙️ Stay tuned!

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