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Funko Project Fred gonna Fizzle Out!

Funko launched the 2nd wave of PROJECT FRED today! This time it is Coca-Cola and Sprite our opinion they doubled down on the disappointment! Instead of the style of figure they did for the Bob's Big Boy, this time it's more like an "Artist Series" wrapped logo! Why not do the 11" Fred dressed in Coca-Cola merch and holding a classic Bottle? These are still $295 USD EACH and this time there are 2 of them! Are enough collector's willing to spend almost $600 on these Figures? They are limited to 750 pieces with a 1 in 10 chance at a Chase...and the last one did sell out, but are these cool enough to justify the cost or is this Coca-Cola theme going to make Project Fred "Fizzle Out" LOL? Let's talk about it! Of course we also try to make each other laugh throughout the entire show 😂 Thanks for watching and don't forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT on this video and SUBSCRIBE to our Channel for more fun and informative Pop Culture and Funko related content!

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