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Grail or Fail? ZombieShaner Mystery Boxes!

On this episode we open 2 Mystery Boxes from ZombieShaner on Instagram! There are a ton of cool possible Pulls and we can't wait to show you what we got in these 2 Mystery Boxes 😱 What did we score? Will it be GRAIL or FAIL? Watch to find out! Of course we also try to make each other laugh throughout the entire show!

Stick around for the Outtakes & Blooper Reel at the end of the Video to find out why no one wants to share an elevator with K-Dog, also how many Wieners is TOO MANY when watching a TV show, plus the sad tale of Hockey Dads pulling Luggage Carts 😂 So much fun!

Checkout ZombieShaner on Instagram to grab these Mystery Boxes! There are a few remaining!

If you want to send us Fan Art, Mail or Mystery Boxes for us to open on Future Episodes please send them to: K-Dog & Fish 45 Manitoba Street Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada P1L 2A9

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