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Tristan from Top Pops!

K-Dog & Fish are back with a brand new Podcast, this time we are on location at the Niagara Falls Comic-Con sitting down for a chat with the one and only Tristan from Top Pops on YouTube! We discuss what got him into Funko, starting his Channel and where he sits now as one of the biggest Funko Content Creators known worldwide. He just also happens to be a really nice laid back guy, must be because he's Canadian! Of course we also try to make each other laugh the entire time too! This Podcast was so much fun to record on location at the Niagara Falls Comic-Con! Enjoy, thanks for listening and don't forget to reach out to us and let us know what you think!

Huge thanks again to Tristan for sitting down with us, make sure to hit up his YouTube Channel:

The K-Dog & Fish Podcast is a show about our moronic ideas & reviews on everything from Movies, TV, Pop-Culture & Funko Pops. Check out our website at 

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