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The Office Pops Are Taking Over!

When it was announced back in the Spring that there were finally going to be Funko Pops for the classic TV comedy 'The Office', everyone got excited! Little did we know just how the insanity and demand would take over.

We've had the The Office Pops in stock now for the last few weeks and they are flying off the shelf! Especially Dwight Schrute, arguably one of the funniest and best TV characters of all time, everyone wants Dwight! As well as the awkward but loveable Michael Scott despite having a coffee mug claiming to be the World's Best Boss watching the show we know differently. In this first wave we also received Jim, Pam, Kevin, Darryl and don't forget about the Toby vs Michael 2-Pack! 

There are some cool Exclusives that have come out since the releases as well including a Box Lunch Jim Dressed as Dwight! "Last week, I was in a drugstore, and I saw these glasses. $4. And it only cost me $7 to recreate the rest of the ensemble, and that is a grand total of $11." 

We've also seen a 'Prison Mike' from Hot Topic, Dwight as 'Hay King' Walmart Exclusive, 'Date Night' Michael pre-order from Calendar Club and a '3 Hole Punch' Jim Funko Shop Exclusive! It doesn't stop there, we know Sept 1st there will be 2 Target Exclusives as well: 'Golden Face' Jim & Andy Bernard with Banjo!

They also announced Holiday Office Pops are coming later this Fall including Classy Santa Mike, Dwight as Elf & Dwight as Belsnickle! "The Belsnickel will decide if you are impish or admirable." They are 
available for PRE-ORDER now with us! Click here to secure yours!

We can only imagine what will come in the future! There has to be Pops for Angela, Phyllis, Creed, Oscar & Stanley! What about a Kelly Kapoor & Ryan 2-Pack? So much Fun! This is why we collect, this is why we love Pop Culture! The Office Pops are taking over and we love every minute of it! This is Huge! "That's what she said".

Click here to get your Office Pops before they're gone!

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