K-Dog & Fish: VINTAGE VHS MYSTERY BOX! There are 6 POPS INSIDE, bubble wrapped & packed perfectly UPSIDE DOWN so you have no idea until you pull out that 1st Pop! This Mystery Box is Classic Movies & TV Show Themed! Late 60's, 70's & 80's Vintage VHS Pop Culture, including films & shows taking place in that era like Stranger Things! You are guaranteed 6 Pops with a chance at an Exclusive or Chase variant! A minimum 30% of Boxes will have one! We promise these Boxes will be up to our standards of Awesomeness! We want you to LOVE your Mystery Boxes! The retail price for 6 commons would be $90, not to mention the possibility at an Exclusive or Chase so this box has insane VALUE at only $49.99 🔥 The price also includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada!

Good luck, enjoy our new K-Dog & Fish Mystery Box! There are only 50 available so don't wait! If you miss out, no worries, we do a NEW MYSTERY BOX every 2 Weeks on a Friday! So stay tuned for the next announcement.

*Please note: Not all Pop Boxes can be considered mint, but we promise to send the best box conditions available.
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