This round will have 75 SINGLE POP Mystery Boxes! Inside is either one EXCLUSIVE, OLDER VAULTED POP or a CHASE 😱  No Sale Pops, current commons or clearance. If you receive an Older Vaulted Pop it will be equal or greater VALUE over the price of the Box (that value does not include any taxes or shipping). There are also a bunch of new and hard to find Exclusive Pops packed inside which makes this Mystery Box so much fun to open!

The Pops in the photo are just a few of the Possible Pulls in this Box, but there are a lot of Surprises too, we went to the K-DOG & FISH VAULT to pull some cool older Pops and Chases! We promise these Boxes will be up to our standards of Awesomeness! We want you to LOVE your Mystery Boxes! This Box has awesome VALUE at only $24.99 🔥 There are definitely some BIG HITS up for grabs and all values on vaulted older Pops will be equal or over the price of the Box!

There is a LIMIT OF 3 MYSTERY BOXES per person/household etc, to give others a chance to get one 😎 The price of 1 or 2 Mystery Boxes does not include FREE SHIPPING, however there would be FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada on 3 Mystery Boxes!

Are you ready for the best Mystery Box in Canada from your favourite Canadian Funko Shop? Good luck, enjoy our new K-Dog & Fish ELUSIVE & EXCLUSIVE Mystery Box! There are only 75 available so don't wait, our Boxes sell out fast! If you miss out, we do a NEW MYSTERY BOX every month! So stay tuned for the next announcement.

*Please note: Not all Funko Pop Boxes can be considered mint, some may have imperfections. There are no exchanges or refunds on Mystery Box items.

Shipping & Delivery