K-Dog & Fish: 50/50 EXCLUSIVE MYSTERY BOX! There are 4 POPS INSIDE, bubble wrapped & packed perfectly UPSIDE DOWN so you have no idea until you pull out that 1st Pop! This Mystery Box is 50% Commons, 50% Exclusives from all genres of Pop Culture. You are guaranteed 2 commons, brand new or hard to find older Pops plus 2 Exclusives or a Chase! Also as a BONUS 1 special Mystery Box out of the 50 made will contain ALL EXCLUSIVES!

The Pops in the photo are the Top Possible Pulls in this Box, but there are some Surprises too!
 We promise these Boxes will be up to our standards of Awesomeness! We want you to LOVE your Mystery Boxes! The retail price for 4 commons would be $60, not to mention the guaranteed minimum of 2 Exclusives or a Chase so this box has insane VALUE at only $49.99 🔥 The price also includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada! Please Note: There is now a LIMIT OF 2 MYSTERY BOXES per person, to give others a chance to get one 😎

Good luck, enjoy our new K-Dog & Fish Mystery Box! There are only 50 available so don't wait! If you miss out, no worries, we will do a NEW MYSTERY BOX soon! So stay tuned for the next announcement.

*Please note: Not all Pop Boxes can be considered mint, but we promise to send the best box conditions available.
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