Protect your Pops! 

Features: This PET Protector can fit Movie Moments that measure specific Dimensions: W34 x H28 x D19.5 cm

Double check the box size to ensure your movie moment will fit... here are some Movie/Comic Moment Pops that WILL fit: 

Batman Comic Moments
Star Wars Cloud City Duel
Pennywise in Gutter
Star Wars Cantina Faceoff
Star Wars Trash Compactor Escape
Star Wars Death Star Duel
Star Wars Escape Pod Landing
Aladdin's First Wish
NBC Under the Moonlight
Marvel Hulk Smashing Loki
Star Wars Duel on Mustafar
Marvel Red Skull vs Captain America
Star Wars Rematch on the Supremacy
Marvel Captain America vs Thanos
Disney Magic Carpet
Disney Lock, Shock & Barrel

This protector will NOT fit the Harry Potter Movie Moments.

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Please Note: This is for JUST the Pop Protector; there is no Funko Pop included.

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