"My name's Dewey Oxburger. My friends call me Ox. You might have noticed that, uh, I've got a slight weight problem. I went to this doctor and he told me I swallow a lot of aggression - along with a lot of pizzas!" 

Ox was played by the late great John Candy who brought a tremendous amount of levity and heart to the film.  


STRIPES • (1981) • Hard-luck cabbie John Winger (Bill Murray) -- directionless after being fired from his job and dumped by his girlfriend -- enlists in the U.S. Army with his close pal, Russell Ziskey (Harold Ramis).

After his barely satisfactory performance in basic training, the irreverent Winger emerges as the figurehead for a ragtag band of Army misfits. However, his hijinks threaten to cause an international scandal when he inadvertently commandeers a military assault vehicle behind enemy lines.


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