The wait is finally over, the first half of STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4 is now on Netflix and we have been binging just like you! The second half will premiere July 1st, in the meantime we can discuss and disect all the cool Easter Eggs and references to 70s and 80s classic Horror films! We are also excited to announce the first wave of Funko Pops for the new season have arrived!

They include brand new figures for Eleven, Mike, Steve, Robin, Max, Lucas, Will and our favourite...Dustin with his awesome "Thinking Cap" hat! You can get these new Pops now with K-Dog & Fish either individually or buy the entire Set of 8 and Save big!

We also have limited quantities of the LUCAS EXCLUSIVE with the Walmart Sticker! Get yours now while they are still in stock!

There has to be a second wave for characters we aren't seeing in this first wave. We won't give any spoilers, but we will say this, there better be a Murray Pop finally! Just sayin' 😊

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