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Fun Fact: The shoot-out between Han Solo and Greedo inside the Cantina was the subject for a lot of controversy and debate amongst Star Wars fans as to who shot first. Many fans debated that Greedo actually shot first a split second before Solo did, but with careful examination of the scene, it was obvious that Greedo never fired his shot at all. For the 1997 Special Edition release of this movie, George Lucas had edited the scene to include Greedo shooting first at Solo at point blank range, with Solo moving his head slightly to the right to dodge the shot before firing back at Greedo. This caused perhaps the worst backlash of all the alterations made to the original trilogy from outraged fans, although it was technically not George Lucas' fault: when submitting the movie to the MPAA, they had insisted he put it in there in order for the movie to keep its PG rating. To appease the fans, the shooting scene was edited for a third time for the 2004 DVD release, so that both Greedo and Han Solo fired their guns more or less at the same time.

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