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"Join me father, accept what you were always meant to be."
- Thanos Punisher to Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle)


Hold on to your seats because explaining this one can be a doozy! In an alternate timeline (Earth-18138), Frank Castle (Punisher) makes a deal with the devil to kill Thanos, so he is imbued with the Ghost Rider spirit and sent back in time to kidnap baby Thanos. Frank does this, but after realizing he is unable to kill baby Thanos because he is just a baby, Frank decides to raises baby Thanos at his side. Thanos grows up with all of Frank's values and morals - or so it seems. He creates a version of a utopia world, but rules with a tyrant's fist. This prompts Cable - yes, from the X-Men - to go back in time and try to do what Frank Castle was unable to do: kill baby Thanos. The adventure goes on, but that is the jist of things. 

This insanely cool 'Punisher Thanos' comes from the Cosmic Ghost Rider run and now you can add him to your Funko collection!

This is a 6" Pop and a PX Exclusive.

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